Go find some photos. Use EBSCO or Encyclopedia Brittanica. (pewittjh/bulls or pewitths/bulls or pewittelem/bulls)

Save them somewhere handy, like h: in a picture file.

Create your Flickr account:

1. Go to www.flickr.com


2. Click "Create Your Account." (You'll be creating a Yahoo! email address.) You may have to redo some of your questions here...just be patient, read to find out what you've done wrong, and re-answer the questions. Soon you'll be able to get to this screen:

external image moz-screenshot.pngcreate_flickr_account2.png

3. Create your screen name and click "Create a new account."

4. When you login, you will see


A) You can personalize your profile by clicking here.

B) Click to upload photos

C) Click to upload photos

D) Click to see your photos

E) Click to organize your photos into sets

When you click to upload, you'll see a page like this:


A) Click here to find your files with your pictures. You'll be able to upload any pictures you find on your computer. Please obey copyright laws!

B) VERY IMPORTANT!!! There are two ways to save your photos--as private or as public. If you do not mind EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD seeing your photos, save them as public. If you do not want anyone to see your photos except those you give the key to, click private.


When you close your file window, you will see something like the screen above...

A) photo name

B) photo size: You do not want your files to be too large. Anything 1 MB and below is about right. You can make photos smaller by changing resolution (96 is screen resolution, 300 is print resolution) or by changing size. Any photo 38 inches wide is way too big. You'll have to edit with a photo editing program. Once you have your photos uploaded, you can edit easily with an online photo editor (doubleclick an uploaded photo; click edit photo above the photo; picnik opens).

C) total size of all photos

D) Click here to go ahead with the upload.

Organize your photos...


After you click Organize & Create on the home page, you'll see this page (make sure you click Sets--A)

A) Sets tab--click this!

B) Click CREATE YOUR FIRST SET. Go ahead and create a Set and name it something that describes what you're making a set of.

C) Here are your photos. Drag them into the "table" to put them in the set. When you're finished, save your work by clicking save.

Animoto! Go to www.animoto.com. Click Sign up in the upper right hand corner.


When you have created your free account, you'll see a page with a link to create a new video. Click that link.


With your free account, you (or students) can only make 30-second videos. You can get lots of unlimited free stuff if you decide to join for $30 a year. You can also apply for a free education account and get all the freebies, too (http://animoto.com/education). You need about 10-15 photos for a 30 second video.


When Flickr asks for permission, allow access.

Now you'll see this:


You'll see your set of photos. Click retrieve and OK.

Next, choose music on the music tab.

Then click the finalize tab to get the video started.


When your video gets finished, you can access your videos. Click on your video to see what you can do with it now.


Click the Video Toolbox.


From the video toolbox, you can automatically remix, edit, embed your video, automatically export your video to YouTube, or download as a Mp4 (for iPods).

Download your video so you can upload it to SchoolTube.


1. Create a SchoolTube account. When you have an account, upload your Animoto video. Since SchoolTube is school-safe, SchoolTube will have to okay the video. It could take a few hours to get cleared and show up.

2. You can automatically and easily upload to YouTube from Animoto, but the kids can't get to YouTube at school.

Embedding (click here for directions)

You can get an embed code from the Animoto video toolbox. If you have your own website (not our school website), or your own wiki, you can use the embed widget to embed Animoto videos (and some YouTube videos).