Math Links...some of these sites link to other sites, which may not be so good.
Always choose wisely when you're surfing the web. :)

Math Game Sites
Study Island...please choose level-appropriate lessons.

Calculation Nation

GeoGebra program

Math play
Math Basketball, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Math, Fractions board game

Skoool math toolkits
a. Maths Stage 3
b. Maths Stage 4

Figure This!

Math Moves U

Ghost Blaster

XP Math

Math Cats

You'll Never Get Anywhere without Math game

Jefferson Science and Math games

Make charts and graphs with widgenie *
Verifiable real data
Rich Chart Live

Math Skills Online
a. Powerlines
b. Create a graph
c. Visual fractions
d. Melvin's Make a Match (fractions)
e. 13 Ways to Look at 1/2
f. Bitesize Games

Thematic Mapping (graphing data of the world!)

Print free graph paper--all different kinds!

The Problem Site

Matrix Math...penguin plotter and degree spy games

Weekly Reader
a. Sudoku

Junior High Math Interactives

Math flashcards, worksheets, study site

Arcademic Skill Builders...math racing games

Illuminations (online math activities)
a. Turtle Pond (programming, angles, graphing)
b. Spinner, Random Draw (probability)
c. Transformations
d. Angle sums
e. Area tool
f. Circumference
g. Cube Nets
h. Cutting Corners
i. Symmetry, Translation, Rotation 1, 2, 3
j. Fractals
k. Mean and Median
l. U.S. Map (data mapping)

Math Institute
a. Rotating Houses
b. Building Houses with Side View
c. Coloring Sides
d. Interactive Star
e. Estimation
f. Falling problems

Glencoe Math
a. Review sheets

Kids Numbers

Released TAKS tests you can take online

a. Compound Interest Calculator

HSP Math
a. fractions and decimals
b. divisibility, prime, composite numbers
c. greater than / less than with decimals
d. graphing
e. rotation, translation, reflection
f. Build the City
g. Probability Circus
h. roll the dice
i. metric conversion
j. Escape from Planet X


Problems with a Point

Math dictionary
Harcourt math dictionary
MathWords (goes through advanced math)


Math in Daily Life

Shodor Math...interactive Math problems and demos
a. Pythagorean Explorer
b. Coin Toss
c. Spinners and Dice

Ask Dr. Math

Math Counts
a. Problem of the Week

Math Manipulatives
a. Abacus
b. Factor Tree
c. Tangram puzzles
d. Ladybug Leaf

Math Playground
a. Turtle programming
b. Math Millionaire
c. Math at the Mall
d. Math at the Mall (percentages)
e. Troy's Toys (percent discount)
f. Save the Alien (estimate degrees)

School Time Games
a. Sudoku

IXL Math (skills through 5th grade)

Easy Calculation

BBC Math

Math Power

Lure of the Labyrinth

Internet4Classrooms...choose math on an appropriate level.
a. 7th grade
b. 8th grade
c. Brain teaser problems
d. Chance-roll the dice

LinktoLearning...sorta like Internet4Classrooms

Upper level math...beware!

Math worksheets to print

All kinds of Equations and conversions

Coordinate Graphing Pictures


Poll Everywhere


Math in the Movies (movie clips)

Decimal games

Slider logic puzzles


Kids Number

Math a Tube


Who Wants Pizza?

Mudd Math Facts

Brain 360

Math Worksheet Creator

Ancient Egyptian Math

download graphing calculator for Nintendo DS

Other Math Lists