Make your sprite dance

Make your sprite dance!

Scratch Lesson 2: Dance!

Thursday, 28 May 2009 21:43 administrator SCRATCH - Scratch Lessons
In Lesson one, we created a sprite and used Paint Editor to add four costumes. In this lesson, I will show you how to make this sprite dance. I will also show you how to turn this project into a movie clip that you can start, stop and view in full screen mode.
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View the PDF version of this lesson HERE.
Download the starting project HERE.
Step 1: Dance
Open the “dance” project that we created in Lesson 1. Click “Sprite1” and change its name to “dancer1”.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_514f9d53xfs_b external image File?id=df64mjxr_515ck8wmghb_b external image File?id=df64mjxr_516f9x52hfw_b
Click “Scripts” tab. Sprite “dancer1” doesn’t have any script blocks. Click “Control”.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_517cgnsvqc6_b
Then drag out “forever” script block and drop it in the script editor.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_518sxgwz9fm_b
Click “Looks”. Drag out “next costume” block and drop it inside “forever” block to form a combo block.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_519dv9pf6c3_b
Now double click this combo block to see dancer1 spin like crazy!
external image File?id=df64mjxr_520s42zz7gb_b
We need to slow him down! To do so, click “Control” again. Drag “wait 1 secs” and drop it under “next costume”. Now double click the combo block again.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_521htrt7p4d_b
Step 2: Finishing and Testing
We are almost done with creating our first animation. To wrap it up, drag “when external image File?id=df64mjxr_522fg8cdbd4_b clicked” and drop it above “forever” block. Now click the external image File?id=df64mjxr_523gq23msg2_b button to start the animation.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_524hpppgrd4_b
We are done with the first animation. Try viewing in full-screen mode or “presentation mode” by clickingexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_525tpcprsfk_b.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_526gq4q8kdv_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_527gmmfnpdc_b
Step 3: Kick Up a Notch
You can add more costumes or make dancer1 dance faster. I added two extra costumes: “front2” and “back2”. I also change “wait 1 secs” to “wait 0.5 secs” to make dancer1 dance faster.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_528dc3mdscn_b external image File?id=df64mjxr_5293pvh6ghk_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_530f2bv9vg8_b external image File?id=df64mjxr_531gcq8ssp_b