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from "21st Century Information Fluency"

"Basic Research Skills - a three-unit mini-course (middle school)

"Although there are 22 parts/activities included in the mini-course, each one may only require 15 or 20 minutes, so 2 to 3 activities could be clustered in one period. Each unit could last from 4 to 8 days, depending on the level of depth and practice desired.
=Introduction to the Basic Course=

Getting Started:
Interactive Challenge:* Kermit Challenge
=Unit 1: Locating Information=


Learning Activities:

Overview of Search Process
1. MicroModule:* Search Box Strategy
Locate I.A.1
2. Interactive Challenge: Lego Challenge
Locate I.A.2.a.i
3. MicroModule: Queries
4. Interactive Tutorial: Keyword Challenges (6) also Kits 1.0, 1.3
Locate I.B.2.a,b,c
5. MicroModule: The Deep (Invisible) Web
6. Interactive Tutorial: Archery Challenges (2) also Kits 1.1, 1.6
Unit Assessment
7. Interactive Challenge: Rollercoaster Challenge
= =Unit 2: Evaluating Information=


Evaluate II.A.3.a,b
1. MicroModule: Author
2. Interactive Tutorial: Author MM Companion also Kit 1.4
Evaluate II.A.3.a,b
3. MicroModule: Publisher also Kit 1.4
4. Interactive Tutorial: Publisher MM Companion
Evaluate II.A.2.a,b
5. MicroModule: Links To also Kit 1.4
6. Interactive Tutorial: Links To MM Companion
Unit Assessment
7. Interactive Challenge: Use It? Or Lose It? (2)
= ==Unit 3: Using Information Ethically==


Use III.A.1.a,b
1. MicroModule: Plagiarism
2. Interactive Tutorial: Plagiarism
3. MicroModule: Copyright, Fair Use
4. Interactive Tutorial: Copyright
5. MicroModule: Citation
6. Interactive Tutorial: Citation
Unit Assessment
7. Student Research Paper (See their References)

  • Each MicroModule (MM) has audio and some have video components. Each MM takes about 15-20 minutes to work through. Interactive challenges usually take an average of 10 minutes each.
    • Each MM or unit may also be followed with MM Quizzes to assess understanding. These quizzes are not online but may be obtained by writing to 21cif.

1. What is a good website?
2. Octopus Case Study
3. Help on evaluating a website

4. Getting Started: Kermit Challenge




Find command

Searching with operators

How sites are ranked on search engines


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