(find all kinds of tips at slidemagnet)

1. Have some pictures in a computer folder you can find. (Pictures basically need to be 5" wide or so, and 72-96 dpi for the web.)
You might want to check out the lessons on digital cameras and digital video on the Sony 101 site.
You can download free picture software Paint.NET or Google Picassa.

2. Outline your presentation, basically. What do you want to say?

3. If you need to convert file types, download a program like any video converter (avc).

4. To get started, either take your photos and upload them to your h: drive, or find them online at one of these sites: Photo8,
EduPic, EBSCO or Encyclopedia Brittanica (username: pewitt__, password: bulls. Use pewittelem, pewittjh, or pewitths).
If you use these photos, please add photo attribution to your slides.

POWERPOINT OPTION (get PowerPoint 2003 guide here)
a. import pictures into PowerPoint, one slide at a time, creating text as you go
b. spend lots of time playing with PowerPoint goodies
c. time your slideshow
d. save your slideshow (save a couple of ways!)
e. convert your slideshow to a MP4 or .swf flash video or post your slideshows, and other docs, on sites like slideboom or slideshare
f. here's a manual on what not to do...(see "Death by PowerPoint").

(By the way, you might try Google docs for simple PowerPoints and for collaborating on slideshows. And if you don't have PowerPoint at home, you can download OpenOffice for free.)

MOVIEMAKER OPTION (Microsoft MovieMaker tutorials)
a. import pictures into MovieMaker project
b. pull pictures down into timeline
c. add titles as necessary
d. add sounds and soundtrack
e. play with all the MovieMaker goodies
f. export your movie as a wmv file
g. convert your movie to an MP4 or .swf flash.

Way better and faster option...
Try an online slideshow maker...
a. animoto (easy, pretty, educational account for free, embeddable, WOW!)
b. stupeflix
c. sliderocket
d. cooliris
e. prezi
f. glogster (make interactive online posters! cool!)
g. scrapblog
h. thismoment

And post your videos and presentations (as well as other types of documents) on these sites...
a. TeacherTube
b. SchoolTube
c. YouTube (locked at school)...but EVERYBODY visits YouTube, so if you want the world to see it...
d. embed 'em on your wikispace.


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