(and why? a.students can use it to post work or collaborate with each other and you;'s a faster edit than other websites; c.parents can see what you and the students are doing in class;'s never "finished" can keep changing and adding;'s easy to set up a classpage to post URLs for computer lab visits, or to post homework or classwork assignments, f. you and your colleagues can collaborate on the same wiki)

1. Go to a wiki provider...I like

2. Notice that on the welcome page, wikispaces offers to let you make an educational wiki, for free. This means you won't have ads on the side. Go ahead and click that link.

A: Name your wiki (something you and your students can easily remember).
B: Choose your option--I would recommend Protected (free), the middle option. That way, everybody can view your page, but only your wiki members can edit.
C: Promise you will use this wiki for K-12 education.
D: Click create
E: (optional, if you already have a wiki created...follow those directions to get rid of the ads.
4. You're in after creating your password and your wiki home page! Now you're ready to edit.

5. Check out features of wikispaces.

6. Take some wiki tours to see what else you can do.
A. Introduction, basic editing (2:49)
B. Personalizing
C. Upload files and pictures
D. See changes over time

Visit the tours to get started.