Scratch Lesson 1: Create a Sprite

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In lesson one of Scratch Programming, I will introducce Scratch Programming and Scratch software. Then I will guide you step-by-step to create your first Sprite.
Step 1: First Look at Scratch
Start Scratch Program. Sprite Preview lets you preview a project. Sprite Selection and Creation lets you select an existing Sprite or create a new Sprite. Sprite Editor lets you edit a Sprite’s Scripts, Costumes, and Sounds. Tool Box is like a bucket of Lego; it provides single script blocks for building combo script blocks.
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Let’s take a look at available sample projects. Click “Open” on the top of the Scratch window.
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If “Projects” not already selected, click “Projects” to go to the default Scratch projects directory. You’ll want to try “Animation” and “Games”.
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My favorite from the sample projects are “Daydream” from Animation folder.
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To watch a video of the beginning of Step 2, below, click here: or press play on the bottom of the picture below:

Step 2: Create Your First Sprite
Delete the cat sprite by right click on “sprite1” and select “Delete”. Then click the external image File?id=df64mjxr_468cc86nchh_b (“Create new sprite” button) to open the Paint Editor. I created the following guy using mostly
external image File?id=df64mjxr_469f8zhhggx_b Paintbrush external image File?id=df64mjxr_4706hhwnmg4_b Eraser external image File?id=df64mjxr_471hcdtz9hk_b Fill Tool external image File?id=df64mjxr_472c9g7hfg2_b Rectangle Toolexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_473fnkbg8dw_b Ellipse Tool
external image File?id=df64mjxr_474cdk5pxmr_b Line Toolexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_475djmzwkfk_b Text Tool external image File?id=df64mjxr_476c7fwz8gw_b Select Tool external image File?id=df64mjxr_477vn4qchdr_bStamp Tool external image File?id=df64mjxr_478fnwscvhg_b Eyedropper
Click Ellipse Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_473fnkbg8dw_b) and click hollow mode (external image File?id=df64mjxr_479c83thmcn_b). Draw three circles.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_480db7xhnd3_b
Click Ellipse Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_473fnkbg8dw_b) and click solid mode (external image File?id=df64mjxr_481cfth9p4c_b); draw a little dark solid circle inside the medium circle, which will be the eye. Use Eraser tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_4706hhwnmg4_b) to trim the smallest circle; this will be the ear.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_482c3vstccw_b
Click Stamp Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_477vn4qchdr_b) button and select the eyeball to copy. Drag the eyeball copy to where you want the new eyeball to be. Do the same for the ear to make two ears.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_483d25k8gds_b
Use Fill Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_471hcdtz9hk_b) to fill the face and the eye ball.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_484dnfwrdcr_b
Click Select Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_476c7fwz8gw_b) button and select both eyes; move them to the face.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_485cr3vttdf_b
Click Select Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_476c7fwz8gw_b) button and select left ear; drag it to its place.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_486cv4r553x_b
Click Select Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_476c7fwz8gw_b) button and select the right ear; click external image File?id=df64mjxr_487dw9vswhh_b to flip it. Then drag the right ear to its place.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_48829gs8x4s_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_489cb8t2qdd_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_490c4t7cnhf_b
Click Eyedropper Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_478fnwscvhg_b) and click the face to copy the face color. Click Fill Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_471hcdtz9hk_b) and fill both ears with the face color.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_491c9nhjtcx_b
Use Line Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_474cdk5pxmr_b) to add hair, body, arms, legs, and cloth. Fill in color with Fill Tool (external image File?id=df64mjxr_471hcdtz9hk_b).
external image File?id=df64mjxr_492dg4627f4_b external image File?id=df64mjxr_493cv2fjzgz_b
Once you are happy with your own Virtual Me, click OK to save. Rename the costume to “front”. This is the front view.

To create back view, make a copy of costume “front” (click “Copy” button next to costume “front”). Use Erase tool to erase eyes and mouth. Use Eyedropper tool to copy the face color. Then use Fill Tool to paste the color in the empty area. Click OK to save. Rename this costume as “back”.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_493cv2fjzgz_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_494dpgwrpfs_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_495g3vzfwtj_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_4962dnmdmc9_b
Then copy the costume “back”. Erase extra body parts. Redraw body parts. Refill color of the face and the pant using Eyedropper Tool and Fill Tool. Click OK to save and rename this costume as “facing left”
external image File?id=df64mjxr_493cv2fjzgz_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_497fgfcn4gj_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_498ghpq9zdn_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_499cg93frfw_b
Copy the costume “facing left” and click external image File?id=df64mjxr_500grfjkfgr_b to flip the figure horizontally. Click OK to save and rename the costume as “facing right”.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_499cg93frfw_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_501c3sc2rtv_b
We’ve just created four costumes for the same sprite: “front”, “back”, “facing right” and “facing left”.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_493cv2fjzgz_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_502hbdbqqhr_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_503dm2sn7dt_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_501c3sc2rtv_b
Your Sprite Editor should looks like this:
external image File?id=df64mjxr_504gd5jsnc4_b
Click Save button and, at the bottom of the “Save Project” window, enter “dance” as file name. Then click OK.
external image File?id=df64mjxr_505g7bsd4c4_bexternal image File?id=df64mjxr_506r97rk5ht_b
Here's the screencast video of the second part ( made some mistakes and had to fix them! :)