Rules for 7th graders
Looking forward to Fall 2010
by Martha Rice, Shele Reyes, Mitzi Crowson, Sandra Braun, Kristi McFarland, Carol Bickham
shared with Ronny Herron

Basically, here are the rules:
Have your supplies every day.
Do your work.
Take care of the classroom.
Be on task.
Think for yourself and be independent.
Respect yourself, respect others, respect your education.

And here are the details:

Rules: Supplies
Possible consequence(s) of breaking rule
Have your supplies. We are not supposed to buy your school supplies.
Supplies = pen, pencil, paper, books, headphones, flash drive, etc.
Possible consequences:
-Zero for work missed due to missing supplies
-homework detention

Suggestion: buy supplies from student council store!
Be responsible for your own supplies and belongings. We do not lose your stuff. Do not leave it lying around if you value it.
-Zero for work missed due to missing supplies, even if it was stolen (because it was left lying around)
-homework detention
Have your homework everyday.
-Parent contact for missing homework.
-Maximum grade of 70 for made-up work.

Rules: Makeup Work

If you know you will be absent, check to get your work before you leave. You will have one day per day absent to get your work made up. Asking for your make-up work is YOUR responsibility. You have seven teachers; your teachers have approximately seventy-five students. Your teachers may or may not remember who was absent on any given day. Come in at break and ask for the work!
-Zero for work missed due to absence UNTIL you make up work. Work is due within the same number of days that you were absent.
-Homework detention until work is made up.
DO NOT ASK FOR MAKEUP WORK DURING CLASS. You are stealing time from the rest of the students. Come in at break and we will be glad to work with you!
-Homework detention.

Rules: Classroom maintenance

The classroom should be cleaned up before you will be excused to leave.
-You will not be allowed to leave until the classroom is clean.
Respect and take care of all classroom equipment.
Classroom equipment = computers, laptops, microscopes, highlighters, markers, printers, microphones, headphones, keyboards, mice, cameras, sports equipment, monitors, textbooks, etc.
-If you break or lose a piece of equipment, you are responsible for it and you may be required to pay the school back to replace it.
The bell will not ring until everything is clean, neat, and everyone is seated in a chair or desk.
The bell doesn't ring if the class is not completely ready to leave.
You will not sit on desks.
Lunch detention.
You will not lean over, back, sideways, or forward in chairs.
Lunch detention.
In tech apps, you will not logoff until the bell rings (except for last period).
You will not be allowed to leave the classroom until the class is completely ready to leave.
No food, no drink, no gum in the computer lab.
You will leave immediately.
Do not waste time playing or trying to find music on computers.

Rules: Be on task
Ms. Rice says: When you are off-task, I will be taking pictures of you off-task and sending them to your parents. :)
You should be working on something every minute of class. You always have AR, you can always study science or practice math. You can always be working on Study Island or some other educational website in tech apps (see
-Lunch detention or SAC for wasting too much class time.
Do not chat, do not gossip.

Do not sleep. No free days. Do not ask.
No random trips to the restroom. If you have an emergency, you may go. Otherwise, we expect you to take care of all bodily functions between classes. Do not invent trips just because you are bored.

And besides, what will happen if you are in the restroom when we have to lock down the school? And you're out there with a bad guy and we can't let you back in? HUH? What then?
You are too old to be reminded to go to the restroom. If you persistently do not take care of yourself before the tardy bell rings, then you will be causing the whole class to be inconvenienced while we wait for you to come back from the restroom.
Be ready to start when class starts. This means have supplies (paper, pencil, pen) out and ready to take notes, (and in tech apps--computer logged in and browser on Always check for bell assignments and finish them promptly.
Lunch detention for wasting too much class time.
Always do your classwork.
-Parent conference for refusing to do classwork.
-In technology, you will need to come in a break and catch up if you get behind. You may have to do this with your group. If you get far behind, you will be placed in homework detention to do alternative assignments.

Rules: Personal Responsibility

You are responsible for knowing all information about accounts, usernames, passwords, and procedures in the class. If you do not know something, you should try to find out that information.
We will not repeat ourselves. You might make bad grades because of not knowing something that you should know. Keep a notebook or online log of the things you need to know. Find out how to use Google to search for information, use dictionaries, indexes, tables of contents, and F1 help searches.
Be independent and think for yourself.
Do not expect answers to every question asked. Part of our job is to teach you to be independent and resourceful. Sometimes we will practice benign (good) neglect...that means we might not tell you the answers and instead let you find out the answer from a source we know you have around you--a friend, an instruction list, a book, your brain, Internet research, etc. Besides, doesn't the Internet know more than your teachers, anyway? :)
If you refuse to do your work, your refusal will be documented and you WILL receive a 0 on the work you refuse to do. You MAY or MAY NOT be able to make up a 0 you refused to do when it was originally assigned, based on the teacher and/or principal's decision.
0 for work you refused to do and SAC when you refuse to work during class.
No sleeping in class. Sleeping counts as refusal to do work.
Avoid being tardy
-1st tardy: warning, 2nd tardy: parent contact, 3rd tardy: principal referral
Do not ignore or forget classroom rules.
Class will stop, stand, and read classroom rule(s) when somebody forgets them.
Know your class grades. Make up what you can make up as soon as you can make it up.
Create a gradebook account. You can check this in tech apps ANYTIME, and you should check it at least once a week.

Rules: Respect
Disrespectful behavior can get you placed in SAC. You may or may not get warnings about misbehavior, depending on the severity of misbehavior.
Speak to others with respect, like you would like to be spoken to.
(Hint: yes ma'am, no ma'am or yes sir, no sir to everybody.)
Treat others like you want to be treated.
Do not demand that others do what you want them to do. Life is about more than just you.
If it's not yours, don't touch it.
We like our jobs teaching you. But our jobs are TEACHING you, not arguing with you or bargaining with you. Do not complain about what we have you do in class. We have a list of things we need to teach you that comes from the State of Texas.
No burping or any other kinds of sound effects.
SAC, etiquette assignment.
The only people you should be worrying about making happy in this class is your teacher and yourself. Do not clown around.
Do not interrupt other people's conversations.
Etiquette assignment.
Do not interrupt teacher's instructions. DO NOT TALK WHILE THE TEACHER IS TALKING.
SAC. The only time I'll bother you is when I need to teach you something you'll need to be successful later. Explanations are not for me, they are for you.
Stay out of SAC.
You cause yourself to be put out of class because you are disrespectful and cause others to miss out on learning something.
Do not be insubordinate or rude to your teacher in any way.
Being rude to the class = being rude to the teacher.
Being rude to the teacher = being rude to the class.
Observe teacher's personal space. Do not go behind her desk or mess with her supplies, desk, computer, etc.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Avoid gossiping or talking about any other person. Respect yourself and others.
SAC or etiquette assignment. "If they will gossip WITH you, they will gossip ABOUT you."

Computer rules

Do not go on prohibited sites (social networking, unauthorized communications-IM, chat, email, video, music, music videos, video games, games that are not educational, any site that is school inappropriate, random Internet searches, random image searches)
Loss of computer privileges
When you get finished with your assignments, FIND SOMETHING TO DO: Core classwork, Study Island, Reading / AR, personal research projects, educational games, typing, authorized websites from
No candy, gum, food, or drinks
Clean up detention
If you see trash, throw it away.

Be safe online. Never post private information. Never visit unreliable sites (lyrics, videos, music, and game sites are BAD!)

Do not use anybody else's password or account ever!
Loss of computer privileges
If you think it might be breaking a school rule, don't do it.
Loss of computer privileges

PJH rules

No food or drinks

Always be on task--no free time

Stay in class

Do not sleep in class

Do not sit on desks or tables

No caps inside the school building

Be prepared academically

Be on time.

Stuff you'll probably hear us say throughout the year:
We are not going to tolerate will be immediately sent to SAC.
We have our degrees and our are the one trying to earn your education so that you can earn money in your life.
You are here to learn, not to clown around.
In life, you have to learn to get along with all kinds of people, and to work with all kinds of people. School is supposed to let you practice working together successfully, orderly, and calmly.
Your disruptions rob others in the class of their education, so you will have to leave.
Playtime is over.
THINK FOR YOURSELF. We are not supposed to be thinking for you. We are supposed to be challenging you to think for yourself.